Visiting Herend Porcelain Manufactory

Huns2huns Herend 29Huns2huns Herend 12Huns2huns Herend 25Huns2huns Herend 22Huns2huns Herend 24Huns2huns Herend 23Huns2huns Herend 13Huns2huns Herend 14Huns2huns Herend 16Making ceramics is a thousand-year-old tradition in Hungary, which boasts a number of active pottery centres. This led to the development of the porcelain.


Kaolin is the raw material used for porcelain, a white rock found in the region of Tokaj nad Upper Hungary. Porcelain manufacturing requires great skill, since it is fired at a higher temperature than clay. However, it is extremely elastic, producing a pper-thin, nearly translucent material. Due to the high tempreatures used, it is commonly decorated with lead glaze.


The factory in Herend, established in 1826 (founded by Vincent Stingl)

Herendi porcelain is one of the gems and oldest porcelain manufacturer of the Hungarian industry.







Thanks to its porcelain products, this tiny village in Bakony has become famous all over the world. Mór Fischer, its reviver, intended to complete with both the Austrian /German (Vienna, Meissen), French (Sevres) and Chinese factories. The porcelain acquired international reputation thanks to its hand-painting and the great artistic level.

The factory still makes sets of porcelain decorated with the original 19th century motifs, such as the Victoria pattern (patterns of flowers and butterflies), which were purchased by the British Monarch, Queen Victoria, whose attention was attracted by the china at the World Fair of 1851. The Rothschild pattern (depicting colourful songbirds), and the so-called Tupini pattern or the factory’s own tiny rose-covered dishes (the former is an intricate design of blue and red vines, whilst the latter is covered with an array of flower-buds backed with golden meshwork).

Apart from everyday items such as plates, breakfast and tea-sets, countless porcelain miniatures were fashioned in Herend, which mirrored the changing taste of the ages.

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People who really love porcelain can make there dream true: The beautiful porcelain objects can be completed, decorated by them, over and above it is possible to take them home at the end. Having got to the heart of porcelain-making and learn its secret, there are various even and entertainments out in Porcelain square that offers pleasant relaxation. A visit to them will be a truly rich and special experience. Oh and don’t forget to visit the Apicius Restaurant and coffee house, which was named after the famous Roman Gourmet, the Apicius Restaurant and Cafe in the Herend Porcelanium is open all the year round, with warm welcome for all guests keen to sample the delights of gastronomy. We did, so you can read our tasting, making experience here… but Have fun in there…


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