Valentine’s Day Game

Valentin’s Day Game!


We wrote down (see below) 5 citations from 5 different Hungarian poets. Your job is to guess, who wrote those citacions and from which poem/s.


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  2. You need to guess right at least 1 poet or 1 poem right.
  3. You can write your guess here below at our “comment” or at our  Huns2huns Facebook page


Game end: Febr 13, 2015

Draw: Febr 13, 2015

Announcement of the result: Febr 23, 2015



  1. “O golden moth, colourful butterfly!
    Surprise me, alight upon me now,
    Or lead me on as you fitfully hie
    Westward where the sun is going down.”
  2. “Flowers all wither, life itself is a-fleeting.
    Come now, my sweet spouse and sit here on my knee.
    You who have just bowed your head on my bosom,
    Won’t you, on the morrow, bent o’er my grave be?”
  3. “Faith is a precious gift for the poor,
    Teaching them to hope and endure.
    Till in the grave at last they may rest,
    They must endure, with hope in their breast!”
  4. “The man spoke at the dark edge of the wood:
    “Miss, have you heard what the whole neighbourhood
    Is saying of us? – I know! Rapidly
    Gave her reply my young sister Marie.”
  5. ” I must now muse on this apropos:
    supposing you did not love me so,
    I could douse my precious coal’s glow,
    I could close my tired eyes and go.”


Have fun with our Valentine’s Day Game!


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