The Rose of Szőreg

SZR3The Rose of Szőreg (southern part of Hungary) has over a hundred years of unique history. To grow a rose tree is very labor-and skill-intensive production and usually this happening on a  multi-generation family farm.

Where the growing tradition, the hand-budding technique, the professional & special knowledge is hand down from generation to generation.




The Roses of Szőreg were very beautiful in the beginning of century too, and were famous all around the world… thanks to the natural conditions. The most important one was/is the sunlight. A quality rose stock has to have a certain amount of sunshine per day, and important to know that, for how long, how intence and how much energy the stock should receive from the sun.

SZR6In 1999 was the first rose festival in Szőreg. In 2004 Szőreg managed to record their Europe’s most famous roses – the growing process, like the budding, watering, etc – as a Hungaricum.







After several years of proceedings, on the 5th of August 2012, the stock of the rose of Szőreg got registered under the EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)and Geographical Indications (PGI) for agricultural products.

SZR7You can find these protected rose stocks in Szeged – Szőreg, Szeged – Mihálytelek, Szeged – Gyálarét, Deszk, Újszentiván, Kübekháza, Tiszasziget and Algyő.



Szőreg has a “Rose” Museum, where objects and accessories can be found.

Come with us to the Rose Festival:

Szőreg, 21 -23rd of June, 2013.

Read more info:

Source:, Matthias Szabolcs – I should know, because I’m Hungarian


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