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Huns2huns - Chocolates and Me! - Én és a csokoládé

Chocolates and Me!

EVERYBODY LOVES CHOCOLATE!!!   Me too… and I wanted to learn how to do one of my favourite, no not the white one, not the triangle one, and no… not the chocolate with holes… I wanted to make chocolate truffles… I went to the one of the most famous CHOCOLATE SCHOOL in Budapest, Hungary. The Szamos Old Chocolate School at Szamos…

Huns2huns Matthias Church

Church of King Matthias

                                                  The Matthias Church, formerly known as the Buda Castle Church of Our Lady is the main Hungarian coronation cathedral. A number of kings were crowned in this historical building located in the Holy Trinity square…



I didn’t know her, one of my girlfriend told me to meet with her… I went, talked, tried on 1 or 2 wonders… and of course I couldn’t leave without buying them  :blush: [Read more about Tamara and her brand…] Őt sem ismertem, az egyik ismerősöm mondta, hogy menjek el hozzá és beszélgessek el vele… Elmentem, beszélgettünk, felpróbáltam 1-2 csoda darabot……

SzIB 12

St Stephen Cathedral / Szent István Bazilika

St. Stephen’s Basilica is the representative church for the Hungarian nation, sacred shrine for our saints. As high as the Parliament, and you can see it from far thanks to the  96-meter-high dome. Budapest’s largest and second largest church in the country’s vast and fascinates visitors and commands respect. Occupies an area of ​​4147 m2. Length 86 and a width of…



This sounds like a cliche already, but that Hungarian WonderMare won every race… 54 races without a defeat…[Read more about this…]   Már már közhelyként hangzik, hogy a magyarok sárga csodakancája minden versenyt megnyert ahol elindult, szám szerint 54, amit azóta sem tudott túlszárnyalni egyetlen versenyló sem… [Olvass erről többet…]