Máriapócs – The Greek Catholic Cathedral

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Máriapócs is a small town in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county, in the Northern Great plain region of eastern Hungary. It lies near Nyiregyhaza.

The village of Máriapócs contains one of the country’s beautiful churches – and not a whole else. The Greek Catholic Cathedral here has been an important pilgrimage site from at least 1696, when the Black Madonna icon first shed tears (she wept again in 1715 and in 1905). That the painting floating angelically above the altar on the north side of the building is not the original, but a 19th century copy, does little to take away from the breathtaking church. (The real icon is in St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna).


Every inch of this ornate house of worship is covered in gilt detail or decorative paint.

The gold iconostasis soars some 15m up to the vaulted ceiling.


The current building, which was constructed on the site of a small wooden church, dates from the mid 18th century. Feast days and festival are cause for pilgrimage and celebration here from March through November, but the biggest annual event is the Feast of the Nativity in honour of the Virgin Mary’s birth on September 8.


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