“In 955, (…) the Hungarians reached the city of Augsburg. Close to the city, at the Lech-field, the Germans smashed the Hungarians, part of them were killed brutally, some others were imprisoned. At that place Lehel and Bulcsu were also imprisoned, and taken in front of the emperor. When the emperor asked, why the Hungarians are so cruel against the Christians, they replied, “We are the revenge of the highest God, sent to you as a scourge. You shall imprison us and kill us, when we cease to chase you.” Then the emperor called them: “Choose the type of death you wish”. Then Lehel replied, “Bring me my horn, which I will blow, then I will reply”. The horn was handed to him, and during the preparation to blow it, he stepped forward, and hit the emperor so strongly he died instantly. Then he said: “You will walk before me and serve me in the other world”, as it is a common belief within the Scythians, that whoever they killed in their lives will serve them in the other world. They were taken to custody and were hanged quickly in Regensburg.” [Read more…]


Lehel kürtje

955-ben a kalandozó magyarok sorsdöntő vereséget szenvedtek Augsburgnál. Lehelt, a sereg fővezérét a németek elfogták, és halálra ítélték. Lehel utolsó kívánsága az volt, hogy mégegyszer megfújhassa harci kürtjét. Amikor kezébe adták, a kürttel úgy vágta fejbe I. Konrád császárt, hogy az nyomban szörnyethalt. Lehel így szólt: „Előttem fogsz menni, és szolgám leszel a túlvilágon!” [Olvass erről egy szép mondát…]

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