Hungarian Valentine’s Day

Or a little bit differently about the Valentine’s day (or as we call it Bálint’s Day) legends, folk customs, weather “reports”, popular superstitions…

bálint nap

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  • Saint Valentine (Valentinus) was the patron for the lovers, the psychopathic and the patients with epilepsy (just in case you didn’t know it yet…)
  • For this epilepsy, people wear after the “Bálint’s Cross”  or also known as “The Hell Cross” around their neck (which I think helped them to believe, that this cross will save them?)
  • Legend has it that on this day, the young girls went to Juno’s (who was a Goddess, and Jupiter’s wife) temple, where they received some kind of love-charm, which will help them to choose the right guy
  • On this day,  young men used to draw  names of an unmarried girls from a jar. The resulting pair were together for a while and some rumors has it, that they really fell in love (though I just wonder, how many guys exchanged their ticket?)
  • Sokacok of Mohács (South of Hungary, Slavic ethnic group with Roman Catholic faith) are fasting on this day.  They are eating only once per day or they cook without fat (I think this is the better option, and maybe much healthier too), and they pray in the temple
  • Stonemasons of Hőgyész (Tolna Count, the village has Árpád-age historic past, 60km from Siófok) went to Mass on this day to ask Bálint to take care of them, when they are up on the scaffold
  • People from Elek ( is a city around Southern Great plain, close to Romanian border) on this day, will add some holy water into the domestic animal’s watering trough
  • On this day you are allowed to remember your ex, but you are not allowed to be pissed, or to be angry
  • On this day, both sexes (usually) are taking care of that joy, kindness and attention has to be todays main role
  • Farmer’s of Cserszegtomaj (village in Zala county) on Bálint’s day will walk before sunrise around their land to keep the thief and birds away from their grapes
  • On this day husbands might (should or it’s a must  :wink: ) give flowers for their wives.
  • People exchange love letters / messages (but I think these days they just send an sms or an e-mail, or put it on Facebook, or on twitter…, not really romantic…)
  • Those girls who are going to the cemetery before Bálint’s day at midnight, and will sing a little song, and walk 12 times between the cemetery and the church, then maybe the spirits will show to them their future husbands… (ha-ha-ah, if this true?… but what happen if during your singing you mixed up the counting… do you need to restart the whole thing?)
  • Look for Nine wells (easy to say it, but if someone lives in the city?), from this nine wells, bring water from all nine wells, and the poor guy, who you think might be the one has to drink them all…
  • If a guy arrive to a girl’s house, and the owner’s cat likes him, he will get married from that house ( I hope he is not a postman  :tongue:)
  • LADIES!!! If you dream was about birds, than the good news is, that you are going to get married… (Good to know…)
  • LADIES!!!, You are not allowed to sweep after sunset, because if you do, you will not going to get married… ( throw your brooms away NOW… :w00t:)
  • Some girls add some blood of a mole into a meal, and poor guy without knowing it, eat it… ( I am sure he was mega sick)… and if he was still ok, this means he will be hers…
  • And those lovers whose hands were clasped and both of their mother washed their hands with holy water and after pour the water onto their head, this means that nothing can hurt them ever… not even a evil eye, or corruption


  • Saplings were planted too on this day, in the hope that she will gain strength soon and will have early buds, and will be rich in fruit
  • According to the Hungarian folklore tradition, when Valentine’s day is cold and dry, you will have a good harvest...
  • On this special day, the sparrows are also choosing their own mate, and the migratory turtle-dove are coming back too
  • In Balmazujvaros & Debrecen has the same believes, that on this day the sparrows are choosing their mate
  • People in Hangony’s (Borsod County), they believed (maybe still), that if the turtle-dove birds are coming back, the spring is coming as well
  • In Mindszent (Csongrad county) whether if there any snow or not, on this day they sweep a strip into it, where the domestic animal cannot go, spread some grains or dry fruit for the sky birds
  • On Balatongyörök on this day , prune the vine stock’s four corner, to keep the thieves and birds away
  •  People of Szil (village in Rába) are the patrons of the sparrows, because they believes that the sparrows will bring warmer weather
  • In Bácskafeketehegy (Vojvodina township) if the weather is already cold but the skylarks are singing, this means the weather is getting colder
  • In Topolya on this day if it’s windy, it means that there wont be enough eggs and the wives won’t be happy, and if that day is rainy, then the farmers won’t be happy because only the corn crop will grow on that year…
  • and just so you know

in HUNGARY we celebrate “Lovers” day on the 24th of June, the day of St Stephen’s day

B'lint nap

Look at this bouquet, your other half will be mega happy, if you send this to them… click on the picture and order it

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