Colourful Train Station in Kalocsa

It could be one of the nicest train station in Hungary… if someone could help the city to renovate it.


The train station was built in 1885 in Kalocsa which is one of the oldest town in Hungary (founded by King Stephen the Saint as they say).
In 1937 (or 38?) they remodelled the train station with the help of Mr. Louis Gabor (Kalocsa, 1886-1947, a painter) and Mr. Charles Rökk (Kalocsa, 1881-1970, an architect) and they decorated with folk art.

Outside of the building, inside of the building, around the windows and the doors you can find those beautiful, colourful and flowery wall-paintings like fuchsia tulips, sunburst daisies and vibrant blue hyacinths. It was painted by “painting women” of Kalocsa.

Painting women:

  • Pöre Peák
  • Widow Gergelyné Matos
  • Widow Sándorné Matos
  • Julis Szigeti
  • Sándorné Temesvári from Homokmégy (is a tiny village, birthplace of a famous egg-painter)
  • Istvánné Ferenc from Hillye (a really really tiny village)
  • Lászlóné Tóth from Szakmár (is a tiny village, population was 1396 people in 2002)


The main gates, the furnitures were carved by country wood-carvers. We can see the tulip, heart motifs everywhere… Amazing work.

Wood carvers:

  • Mr John Pécsi (from Gombolyag)
  • Steven Egyed, Francis Gábor (from Resztelek)
  • Andrew Szabadi (from Szakmár)
  • Charles Szabadi, Joseph Tóth, Ignác Kákonyi (from Homokmégy)


The Hungarian Railway company made this building to be a national monument, but now the building is closed and gated around the premises due to danger and really need to renovate it again. It’s a shame, that we cannot show these beautiful works to the world… We should be proud, that we have this and we need to get together and save this amazing artwork.


Huns2huns Kalocsa TrainstationHuns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 1 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 16 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 15 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 14 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 13 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 12 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 6 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 7Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 2 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 8 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 9Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 10 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 3 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 4 Huns2huns Kalocsa Trainstation 11































So we are hoping, that next time when we are in Kalocsa, this building will be renovated and we could show to the world, that oh, yeah, this is OURS!!!



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