Chocolates and Me!



Me too… and I wanted to learn how to do one of my favourite, no not the white one, not the triangle one, and no… not the chocolate with holes… I wanted to make chocolate truffles…

I went to the one of the most famous CHOCOLATE SCHOOL in Budapest, Hungary. The Szamos Old Chocolate School at Szamos Gourmet House, Budapest Vaczi str 1. They have all sorts of courses, like Bonbon Moulding, Preparing Truffle, and you can even organise a team building event or a hen’s party or a birthday party… It was FUN!!!


Én és a csokoládéÉn és a csokoládé 4Én és a csokoládé 3Én és a csokoládé 5Én és a csokoládé 7

Én és a csokoládé 8Én és a csokoládé 9Én és a csokoládé 1

Just in case you would like to “Create” truffles, here is the ingredients list:

Truffle ingredients: For Big / For Small portions

  • Cream 1L / 200g
  • Milk Chocolate 0.75kg / 150g
  • Chocolate 1kg / 200g
  • Rum 0.36kg / 72g


  • you have to have that “tempering” marble slab
  • you have to have very quick fingers :-P
  • you have to be strong, not to taste / eat them all :-)
  • he was strict but fun
  • the best part is that you can take your “work” home :-)

I could go back again… maybe next time I will try all over it again. Thank you Szamos Gourmet House. IT WAS FUN!!!




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