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National Symbols

The story  of the coat of arms and the national standard are closely related to each other, since they both utilise similar imagery. (Their usage dates back to the earls medieval period, when they served a practical use: they allowed the participants of battles and knight tournaments to recognize each other based upon their standard held high and the coat of arms emblazoned…

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The Tricolour Flag – A piros-fehér-zöld zászló

Is it really hard to believe, that the three Hungarian colors aren’t so ancient at all. And do you know, that according to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colours. The colours on the Hungarian flag represent the following and there are sooo many: Red: Bravery, Strength, Valour, Blood, … White: Peace, Honesty, Faith, Purity, Cleanliness… Green: Hope,…