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Huns2huns Advent 3jateke

The Barefooted Notre Dame Tákos

                      Tákos is one of the small villages situated on the hills along the river Tisza, in the Bereg historical and geographical region. Its very famous monument is the church built on the highest point of the settlement, which is also a masterpiece of 18th century popular architecture. Its old…

Huns2huns Votive Church of Szeged

Votive Church Szeged

                              Our Lady of Hungary… Votive Church of Szeged is the only church, which was built in Hungary in the 20th century and the symbol of Szeged. The church serves as the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Szeged-Csanád.   Snaking its way some 600km…

Huns2huns Mihály Vörösmarty - Fair Ilonka

Mihály Vörösmarty – Fair Ilonka

Mihály Vörömarty / Fair Ilonka * The hunter waits in long and dreamy stand, His strung arrow ready for fast game, And climbing ever higher o’er the land The sun points to noon with bright flame. In vain he waits; in Vértes woods unseen The gamer reposes near a cooling stream. * The hunter stays thus in the stand for…