Happy Valentine's Day

Do you know the History of the Valentine's Day? Do you know who was the patron for the lovers?

Cool story about Valentine's Day! Read it!
Huns2huns Valentine's Day Game

Valentine’s Day Game

Valentin’s Day Game! THE GAME: We wrote down (see below) 5 citations from 5 different Hungarian poets. Your job is to guess, who wrote those citacions and from which poem/s. THE RULES: First you need to “like” our  Huns2huns Facebook page or check if you are already our Huns2huns Facebook member, You need to guess right at least 1 poet or 1 poem right.…

Huns2huns Visiting Herend Porcelain Manufactory

Visiting Herend Porcelain Manufactory

Making ceramics is a thousand-year-old tradition in Hungary, which boasts a number of active pottery centres. This led to the development of the porcelain.   Kaolin is the raw material used for porcelain, a white rock found in the region of Tokaj nad Upper Hungary. Porcelain manufacturing requires great skill, since it is fired at a higher temperature than clay.…